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Mangalitsa Tenderloin

Written By Culinary Pen on Sunday, December 4, 2011 | 5:53:00 PM

So Carla and I decided to do something fancy to celebrate this unseasonably warm December Sunday; we had the Mangalitsa tenderloin from my Pigstock weekend. Although it was much, much darker than most pork tenderloins, Christoph had told our group that the tenderloin would still cook up quick and tender, even with a two-year old sow.I cooked the actual tenderloin simply, first searing it in a hot pan, then banging the whole pan in a 425 F oven to come up to temperature. The flavor of Mangalitsa is just so rich and succulent, I didn't want anything to muddy that soul-satisfying porkiness.
To serve with the tenderloin, I sauteed a mess of sliced baby portabellas in Mangalitsa lard with garlic and rosemary. I also cooked up a pot of roasted cornmeal, which I've really been enjoying over regular polenta. Roasted corn meal was the de rigueur corn meal for the Pennsylvania Dutch, a fact I can thank William Woys Weaver's Sauerkraut Yankees for. Roasted cornmeal has a distinct sweetness over regular corn meal, along with the expected roasty toasty flavor. And you can use it anywhere you'd use regular cornmeal, from polenta to scrapple to rye n' Indian bread.
And as we found out tonight, the roasted cornmeal polenta is also a wonderful sop for all those delicious mushroom and Mangalitsa juices!

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