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Fall Favorites

Written By Culinary Pen on Sunday, October 16, 2011 | 6:44:00 PM

With the cool weather really upon us, it's nice to find nature is dispensing lots of fall favorites just in time. We picked up these sweet little chestnuts at the farm stand by our old house in St. John. They were the perfect after dinner nibble to have with a gloriously sweet and jammy port from Bogle. I felt very lucky to get such prime chestnuts, as it seems like by the time they get to grocery stores about 1-in-10 have gone musty and moldy.

Sadly, they didn't have any chickens at the farm. Apparently the rising cost of corn made the owner skip out on raising any chickens over the summer, as he actually lost money feeding his spring chickens up to a proper butchering weight. He did have a little hot box full of new chicks, though, as he said feed prices were trending downward. They were cute to see, hopping and peeping about in their warm little den, but I was sad to think it would be a few months before I could eat one.

So for tonight, I'll just dream of chickens past.

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