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Back in Action

Written By Culinary Pen on Monday, July 5, 2010 | 9:40:00 AM

So I'm back on the blogging trail, after a long absence of internet inactivity. Carla and I moved to a small cottage, which knocked us off the webgrid for six weeks. But now we're back and have a garden to boot! Regular updates will be coming soon, but here are some quick notes from our culinary compound:
- We dug a garden, which is sown primarily with beets (Detroit red and chiggioa striped). I think the only person who can eat more beets than me is Carla. Unfortunately they're rather expensive here, so we're cutting out the middleman to indulge our relentless hunger. Along with regular baked beets, we're looking forward to making a beet gratin, a savory hot beet and beef borsch, and a sweeter cold borsch.
- I've started working with mixed-milk cheeses, blending raw goat's milk into my raw cow's milk tommes. They're still aging, but updates to follow.
-I found a new hog farm that can get me pig offal at the end of the summer!
-Since moving, my mini-fridge cheese cave has been having trouble keeping its humidity up. I'm thinking of adding some sponges along the wall to help keep things moist.
- I'm almost ready to bottle two new beers, a molasses stout (which I took inspiration from East End Brewery's awesome version) and a new rauchbier. This rauchbier has twice the amount of smoked malt as my last version.

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Brendon said...

Hurrah! You're back. So happy when my phone popped up with an alert for culinary pen.