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Tamworth Finocchiona Salami

Written By Culinary Pen on Sunday, November 22, 2015 | 9:02:00 AM

So this salami is new for me in three exciting ways:
Tamworth Finocchiona Salami
1.) I've never used these double-walled hog casings before.  Each casing is pretied at the base and has a second layer of intestine inside the larger, outer casing.  This helps the salami cure slower, which gives it more time to develop a nuanced flavor.  I was especially attracted to these casings to help with evenly curing my salami at home.  The humidity fluctuates a bit, so I'm hoping these extra-thick casings will act as a buffer to any drops in humidity.

2.) This is my first time using European hemp twine to tie up my salami.  Along with being stronger than regular butcher's twine, the hemp twine gives the salami a beautiful, rustic look.

3.) I usually use the starter culture T-SPX for inoculating salami, but this batch was inoculated with B-LC-007.  B-LC-007 is considered a superior strain to T-SPX, as you get the gentle, less-acidic flavor T-SPX is known for, but B-LC-007 has added protections against listeria, gives better color retention, and reduces the final amounts of nitrites in the finished product.

All three of these items came from the Craft Butcher's Pantry, which I purchased at the Kunekune workshop last month.  I'm very excited to taste this in the coming months, although I do feel bad for the guy that has to slip hog casings inside one another for a living.


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