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Custom Kitchen Aid Meat Grinder Plates

Written By Culinary Pen on Thursday, February 28, 2013 | 3:06:00 PM

The three new plates on top, with the original
Kitchen Aid plate on the bottom.

Although I’ve griped repeatedly about the sausage stuffer on the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, I really can’t fault the actual meat grinder.  The one thing I do find problematic is the choice of grinding plates.  You only get two sizes of grinder plates: small but serviceable and too small to use.  The grinder plate determines the size of your mince, so if you want a larger, coarse grind, you’re out of luck.

But in “another reason I love the internet” moment, I found like-minded machinists cutting their own custom grinder plates out of stainless steel.  While they’re not cheap ($7-9 a plate), they really open up the versatility of the Kitchen Aid.  So I purchased three different gauges off ebay.  Now I’m excited to try them out on a dry-cured lamb sausage this weekend, which I’d like to make in the style of a coarse-ground sopressata.  The middle size will be used for the pork fat, which should produce modest sized pieces, but not the large cubes I hand-cut for my caul fat salami.  The largest size would be used for much larger chunks of meat and fat, if I wanted to do a particularly coarse salami.

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Southern Scratch said...

Do you have a link where you bought the plates? I am searching for a plate with a simple square shape so I can do logs on a little heavier duty meat grinder we own. Thanks! -Kathryn

Culinary Pen said...

Hi Kathryn,
Sure I bought them through an ebay shop called butcher-baker. Here's a link to one of the plates, but they also sell them individually and in various sets (3 plates, 5 plates, etc).


Culinary Pen said...

Here's a direct link to their store, this is probably more helpful:

Richard C. Lambert said...

But in “another reason I love the internet” moment, I found like-minded machinists cutting their own custom grinder plates out of stainless steel. Vivarais H. Hightower

Richard C. Lambert said...

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Anthony said...

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Dustin said...


I am thinking of buying this STX TF 4000, will I be able to use these additional plates withmy device?

Atif Jee said...

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