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Cadbury Egg Ice Cream

Written By Culinary Pen on Tuesday, June 7, 2011 | 2:55:00 PM

Wondering what to do with all those leftover Cadbury Eggs from Easter? Of course not. Anyone in their right mind knows that Cadbury Eggs are always the first to be eaten. Seeing that tell-tale foil-wrapped egg nestled into a cocoon of green Easter grass is like finding a white truffle in the oak forests of the Piedmont. So I had to carefully hide these chocolate jewels from my wife, least she find my Cadbury stash before it was officially hot enough for ice cream.

Yup. Cadbury Ice Cream. The idea came to me a while ago, when I was thinking it would be cool to put a whole Cadbury egg on top of a Sunday like a cherry. But why not swirl the Cadbury and its delicious white-and-orange innards throughout vanilla ice cream? My mind was set.
So Easter finally arrived, along with one of the coldest, wettest springs on record. Cold, damp weather was perfect for pie, but not for ice cream (although my father will contest the existence of a time that isn't appropriate for ice cream). But with the heatwave of the past two weeks, it's officially time to break out the ice cream maker! I made a basic vanilla ice cream to start, so as to not interferer with the deliciousness inherent in the Cadbury. Right when the ice cream had solidified to an even, creamy consistency I folded in four crushed Cadbury eggs. They made the most gorgeous Easter ripple through the ice cream.
Delicious? Oh yeah. But if it wasn't for my absolute love of Cadbury eggs, I probably wouldn't be so enamored with something that's little more than a riff on a Snicker's Flurry from Dairy Queen. Although I doubt any store-bought flurry could match this.

Watch out DQ, there's a new queen in town!

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