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Scrapple: The Document

Written By Culinary Pen on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 | 6:10:00 PM

I think this book was written for me. Even though it was first published in 2003, it's just come to my attention. It follows the history of scrapple from the ancient Celtics to the Germans to the Pennsylvanian Dutch (Dutch like Deitsch). It's a well-written, fun read, although the author's prejudice did mar my enjoyment. He likes his scrapple made with buckwheat. I like cornmeal. He thinks that scrapple is already too carb heavy to deserve a sweet topping, so he likes green tomato relish. I'll stick with my maple syrup. One trick I do want to try is sealing the scrapple with a layer of melted fat, like with pate. I've never encountered that before, so I'm curious how it would make the scrapple taste/keep.

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